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Coming of age as a poor latino from the 1970's in the Bronx a young boy named Julius would be forced into New York gang life. With no way of escaping the violence Julius embraced the violent lifestyle of being in a gang and began sticking up people for money at an early age. By age 16 he was nearly shot to death by a rival gang. He barely survived the incident and while recovering in the hospital from the gun shot wounds his brother brought him some markers and paper to draw with. One night in the hospital he drew out the name T-Kid 170 and from that point on he decided that the entire world needed to know his name.

His canvas of choice was subway cars and he would channel the anger and pain from being disregarded by society and even his family and spray it out onto the subway cars for the public to see the next day. Millions of people a day were riding to where ever they needed to get to in trains with his name exploding off the sides declaring that he was there and you needed to take note.

It would not be an easy task to become one of the king's of subway graffiti. Not only did he have the Transit System, NYPD, and the Vandal Squad (cops dedicated solely to apprehending graffiti writers ) to go up against the real enemy was more often other graffiti writers. Crews of writers staked their claim on New York's subway cars and when rivals met it was almost always a violent affair. The tales from these encounters alone are worth telling alone, but T-Kid's tale has many more layers to it to just be considered a story about graffiti.

Up until now the story of T-Kid 170 has for the most part been kept within the sub culture of graffiti. This film uses nearly 30 years worth of archived footage and never before seen home movies. The viewer is given a very rare glimpse into the world of subway graffiti. You are able to follow T-Kid into train yards all over the world and follow him through his trials and tribulations from arrests, addiction, violence, love, and triumphs. You are able to follow the story of one man's rise to becoming a legend and witness the story of someone who came from the bottom to write his name on the top.

Founded on the ethos that love can conquer all, Love Machine Films thrives when the lens is on the soul of the people. We are on the front lines in the fight to save humanity. Breast cancer, children with diabetes, the malaria epidemic of south-east Asia, or the suicides of teenagers, we are showing these plights successfully through the poetic medium of film, tv, music and photo. Love Machine Films has the client roster and years to back our major commercial acclaim both here in the U.S and internationally. Again our ethos is simple: Love Can Conquer All.

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