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Love Machine Films

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A Hollywood Producer.
A Pilot.
An Artist.
A Veteran.
A Missionary.
A Wife.
A Mother.
Seven souls.
One journey of life.
Love Machine Films chronicles the experiences, dreams, and philosophies of seven dying individuals through reflective interviews, vintage home movies & words of wisdom for the living. The answers to some of life’s most profound questions. Through poignant memories and anecdotes, LMF finds beauty, faith, a unanimous hope for the future of mankind and an uncontested belief in the power of love.

Founded on the ethos that love can conquer all, Love Machine Films thrives when the lens is on the soul of the people. We are on the front lines in the fight to save humanity. Breast cancer, children with diabetes, the malaria epidemic of south-east Asia, or the suicides of teenagers, we are showing these plights successfully through the poetic medium of film, tv, music and photo. Love Machine Films has the client roster and years to back our major commercial acclaim both here in the U.S and internationally. Again our ethos is simple: Love can conquer all.

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